Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today is the Day!

Today is the day my wonderful, hardworking husband comes home after us being apart for 40 days.  Yes, that is right, 40 days -same number of days it rained when God flooded the earth.  It isn't the longest we have been apart from each other, but it is the longest my daughter has been away from her daddy.

I know many people whose husbands are away alot for work - either military or other.  From what I hear from everybody, we all go through the same things - you miss having them around, you get nervous about how things will change when they get home, you have to prepare your children for the changes (them going or coming home), and some days it is just plain hard.

Thankfully, with lots of help from our Lord and Savior, we have made it to the end of this time apart.

Here are some of the things we have done during his time away:
1)  We made a chain link of the # of days until his homecoming and each morning we have torn off one link and counted the ones left.
2)  We have talked to him every other day or so on Skype - so thankful for this technology where you can see the person and hear their voice and it is FREE! :)
3)  We made a journal and have written in it about the important events of each day - Lilly tells me what to write and she draws a picture to go with the words.  This has been part of her school work each day.

Here are some of the things we have done to make his homecoming more special:
1)  We made little signs telling him how special we thought he was and we hid them all around the house - garage, on shirts, on his pillow, etc.
2)  We got dressed up this morning and straightened our hair, put on good smelling perfume, etc.
3)  We are planning a special meal of brisket, corn on the cob and potatoes for his dinner. 

We are so excited to meet him at the airport and smother him with kisses and hugs (and tickles - from Lilly). :)

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  1. I really love the chain link :) Very creative and can be used for so many other countdowns. May have to borrow that one to count down 'til Jesus' birthday!!

    Happy Hubby Homecoming!