Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She Doesn't Like Men with Beards

My daughter's likes and dislikes intrigue me sometimes.  
For example, she loves clowns but I showed her a picture of me dressed up (before my convictions about Halloween came about) with black and white paint on my face and she is scared to death of it.  She made me hide it so she wouldn't have to ever look at it again.

She loves all things medicinal - she loves going to the doctor and the dentist.  She wasn't afraid when she had to have an x-ray of her chest taken one time, she just asked questions about it.  Playing doctor or dentist is an ongoing thing around our house. :)  We've gone to visit people we know in the hospital before and she asks all kinds of questions, doesn't bother her one bit to watch them take blood or whatever - she doesn't get this from me.  But, when I was put in the hospital one time for an upset stomach it made her very nervous and she didn't like that I was hooked up to the IV. 

She loves her Uncle BenBen, but just recently we took him to have his wisdom teeth removed.  I told her that after his surgery he would probably act a little funny because of the medicine.  We talked about this upcoming surgery for about a week and what was going to happen to her beloved uncle.  Here are 2 pictures of her right before the surgery - playing and happy as could be to be next to him (like usual).

After the surgery, she would hardly look at him because he had the gauze in his mouth and he looked a little funny.  He wanted her to give him a hug and she looked like she was going to run.

For as long as I can remember she hasn't liked men with beards.  When she was just barely 2, I remember a friendly man in the grocery store waving to her and saying how beautiful she was.  The man had a long, white beard and she huddled next to me and would not even look at him.  A few summers back we went to a family reunion in SC and my brother and my dad both had beards.  She would cry every time they got close.  My brother ended up shaving his off that week to  appease her. 

Now, I'm not one to make my child feel uncomfortable.  I know sometimes you get an uneasy feeling about people, a feeling like it isn't safe, but we have had an ongoing conversation about how you can't judge somebody by the way they look.  Now that she is a little older, she loves my brother and she enjoys my dad's company when he is around.

So, she knows that just because they have beards doesn't mean they are scary.  However, she still says she thinks men with beards are scary - oh well - I guess the conversation will keep on going and one day (prayerfully) she will get it. :)

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