Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

For the next week, we are taking care of our neighbor's pets and house while they are away on vacation.  They have 2 boys so as you can probably imagine their toys are a little different than ours - lots of cars, trucks, balls, etc.  Today we went over there to let the dog out and do our duties, I go about seeing that everything gets done and I don't see or hear my duaghter.  When I finally venture upstairs to their playroom, I realize she is sitting there at the pretend tool bench with all the tools out and she is fixing "something".  "Are you ready to go home?" I ask her.  She says, "Not yet, I"m still fixing this."  So, I wait.  About 20 minutes goes by and finally she says, "Okay, I'm finished, we can go." 

Her daddy would be so proud! :)

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