Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeding the Ducks

We went to a nearby park to feed ducks today.  I mostly chose this outing because I have been saving the last little bits of bread for months now and it was starting to take over my freezer.  So, out we went to experience God's creation. 

On the way, I needed to stop and get gas.  I say to my daughter, "I sure hope there is a gas station on the way because we really need gas."  She responds with, "Well, there might not be one for your car, but there might be one for your body."  "What do you mean, one for your body?"  I ask.  She says, "You know your tummy has gas too."  lol

While feeding the ducks, she wants all the ducks to have equal shares.  When we are finished handing out all the bread, she notices a duck that didn't get any.  "Get in the water, Duck, then you can have some bread.  See, get in over there where the bread is..go on." These are her comments to the little duck that wants some bread, but he doesn't seem to listen. :)

Lilly remembers this park from previous trips and recalls that there is a gazebo there, so she asks to go over to it.  When we get to the gazebo, we notice a grandfather and his grandson fishing.  What a wonderful thing for her to see - she was enthralled by all of it - the fish, the worms, the action of the grandfather catching the fish and letting her touch them, the action of the little boy falling into the water while trying to put water in a container, the fish flopping on the gazebo floor because he escaped from the water, and the little boy being scared to touch any of the fish.  It was all very entertaining for her and she didn't want to leave.

Memories were made and things were learned just by a simple little outing that was meant only to empty some space in my freezer.  This was definitely what they call a "teachable moment" and I'm glad I took advantage of it.

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