Friday, August 5, 2011

My Husband

I am so thankful to have the husband that I have! 

He is a wonderful, godly man with many talents.  His talents have saved us many $s in repairs because he was able to fix the a/c in my car, install a 3 prong plug for our dryer, fix the circuit breaker for our dryer, and replace the break pads in my car - just to name a few. 

Ever since I met him, he's always had a strong sense of work ethic - he goes to work when he's supposed to and does what he is supposed to do.  My husband has always made it a priority to provide for his family, even when it meant sacrificing things for himself.  For example, he loves to work on cars and his dream has always been to open his own performance shop and make cars go fast.  When we moved to TX, he was going to attend UTI and pursue that dream, but since our daughter had just arrived into this world and I was nervous about putting her in daycare so I could work - he chose to take up a career working for the oil industry. 

Recently, he has changed positions for his company and now has a rotating position.  It's funny that he is away more now than he was when he was in the US Navy. :)  It stinks when he is away, but the benefits of the position out weigh the cons.  I love that despite his 12 hour days, he still makes it point to talk with his "girls" via Skype and find out what is going on at home.  He loves me and he loves his daughter - there is no doubt about that. 

I know a lot of people who say they couldn't handle having their husband be away so much, but my question to them would be, "Well, what would you do?" I love my husband.  I married him and I am committed to loving him (as our vows said) in good times and bad.  The times away might not be fun, but the time he is home is cherished. 

Like I said, I am so thankful that God gave me a wonderful, loving, hard-working, and handsome husband. 

I love you, Babe!

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