Friday, November 4, 2011

Silly Lilly

Silly Stories and Pictures of Lilly!

I have been attending a Bible study called Motherwise.  One of the mothering tips in the book was about making sure that your child knows they can tell you anything.  There was an example of a child coming home from school upset because something happened at school and the teacher said not to tell parents.  What?!  So, I was talking to Lilly at the dinner table and telling her that she could tell her Mommy and Daddy anything.  She responds, very quickly, with, "Except no!"  lol

Background: The Tues morning Bible study class that I attend is for women only.  My daughter has been asking why Daddy doesn't come, so I told her that this church is for women and their children only, no Daddys.  Also, just recently she had just learned what the word "human" meant.
Story: The other day we were taking her to this same church for Awana and Mommy and Daddy were both in the car.  She says, "This church is a human church, so why is Daddy going"  Wow!  Isn't it amazing how they can get words and concepts a little confused. :)

Last story (a little off):  We were at the park and my little girl passed out leaves to everybody.  One for Mommy, Daddy and herself.  Then she says, "Now everybody wind each other"  Mommy and Daddy look questioningly at each other.  She starts fanning me with the leaf, "Wind me Mommy"  Oh!  I get it, she wants us to fan each other with the leaves.  My husband proceeds to tell her the word is "fan" not "wind."  She pauses for a while and then after a few minutes, turns to me and says, "Mommy, blow me!"