Friday, August 26, 2011

My Reminder

I do things that God says are wrong - we all do, they are called sins.  God created us and God sets the rules. 
I can say I don't like them

or I can try to justify that the reason I do this sin makes it okay

or I can say society says it is okay so that makes it okay...

The fact is, it is still wrong by God's standards and His are the only ones that matter. 

I don't like to make God sad by doing things that are wrong, but there are some reasons why I am glad that I am a sinner:

*It reminds me why I need Jesus, if I didn't fall down then I wouldn't need Him to pick me up.  Each time I do something I know I shouldn't - I call on Him for forgiveness and I call on Jesus to help me get back on track because I can do nothing without Him.

* It reminds me why we can never, ever judge somebody else's heart and think we know where they stand or where they are going.  Some sins are more obvious and we see them and think that person must not love Jesus if they can do that - let us be reminded of all the sins that aren't so out and open and let us be reminded that we ALL fall short of the glory of God (if you think you don't, then you need to pray for God to reveal your faults to you). 

*It reminds me that Jesus came to save the lost - if I can't get it right then I am still lost and I need Him to save me each and every day!

Thank you, Jesus!

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