Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Beautiful Songs

In the past month or so, I have heard two songs that just touched my heart so much by their words.

I think they are really appropriate to post, especially since Easter or Ressurection Sunday is coming up.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Depraved Indifference and God's Will

Thoughts and words of adoption have been bounced back and forth between my husband and I over the last few years, but I don't think something that God has called us to do yet.  This video doesn't necessarily make me think I should go out and adopt a child, but more so that I should go out and do something. 

About a month ago, my husband had 2 interviews for a new position with his company.  We were really certain he was going to get the job since nobody else was even being considered for it and we as a family had some pretty unique qualifications that fit the position.  The job was going to mean moving to Mumbai, India.  We were excited about it because this is a place with lots of poverty - yes, you read it right.  We were excited about the poverty because we were excited at the ways God could use us there to help those children sleeping on the streets or the families with no food. 

Then, it occurred to me that there are people here in my community that don't have food or who sleep on the streets and what do I do to help them.  I don't usually because I have my daughter and I don't want to expose her to those harsh conditions, but yet I was okay with moving to India and her seeing the poverty all around her because it would show her how not everybody has what she has. 

Then, this brings me back to am I doing God's will.  I have been constantly searching for this great ministry to be a part of or this awesome way that I can help a person, family, child, whatever.  What I seemed to not see (until now) is that God IS using me to help others - I help my husband each day by washing his clothes and fixing his dinner and making sure he knows how much i care for him and respect him.  I help my daughter each day by getting her dressed, feeding her meals, teaching her God's Words, taking her to play dates and showing her how much I love her - this wonderful gift that God has given me.  I help my friends by encouraging them and praying for them and holding them accountable for their actions and words (hoping they will do the same for me).  I help the students in my Sunday School class at church by teaching them God's words and praying for them and showing them how much I care for them.

Is there more I could be doing?  Maybe, but I don't believe that God has called me to do anything else at this time.  Will I keep my eyes open for those other opportunities?  Of course, because as time goes on I believe The Lord uses us in different ways in our various stages of life.