Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reasons for this Blog

I haven't been writing on my blog lately because I couldn't think of anything to write and I was thinking that I needed to fast from the computer for a while because I was spending too much time on the internet.  Recently, my mom sent me a link to a blog about how to be on the world wide web, but not of it.  The writer's response was basically to evaluate why you write the blog, or why you are on FB, or why you are looking up whatever you are researching. 

So, here it is:
I started this blog because I shared my testimony with a friend and he suggested I write a book.  I wasn't about to write a book, but I thought maybe I could share my testimony with more people if it were on the web. 

I continued writing this blog because I thought I could do for others what other blogs do for me:
Let you know you are not alone
Share ideas
Share what God has done in my life
Just get you thinking
Get and give advice

So, I plan to continue writing with that mindset.  But I also plan to think about why I am getting on the computer each day and how it glorifies The Most High King!