Saturday, August 13, 2011

Am I Cheating?

My family belongs to a great baptist church here in Texas.  I would say it is a medium sized church - not too big, but not really small either.  We live about 30 minutes away from the church which makes it a little difficult when it comes to being involved.  Being a stay at home makes me a minority at my church - there aren't a lot of them. 

Because of its size, our distance from the church and the lack of stay at home moms there aren't a lot of programs at our church that are geared towards me, so for the past year or so I have been attending programs at a bigger, closer church.  They have a Tuesday morning women's Bible study class which I have been looking forward to all summer long.  The past 2 studies I have been a part of have been wonderful - I have learned a lot and plus they have a great class for my daughter to go to while I'm in the study.  Also, they have a program once a quarter where moms of older children (mentor moms) get together with moms or younger children and discuss things that are going on.  It is great to get advice from wiser moms, but also to hear that I am not alone in my struggles. 

My "problem" with attending these things at another church is that I feel like I am cheating on my church.  I don't hear of other people at my church going to other programs hosted by another church and I feel as though I have to keep in quiet.  My motives aren't wrong in going to these things because I am growing and getting fed and getting together with other ladies, so why do I feel as though I am doing something wrong?


  1. We switched churches about a year ago now. We'd been going to the same church for eight years and really did love the people there. In our case, the church was really lacking in a children's program. For most of the time that we were there, it wasn't a big deal, since we didn't have children. However, with Emma in school and Charlotte wanting to be a part of a class, we decided that we needed a different church. I had a friend who went to a church that was closer to our house (5 minutes compared to 30 minutes) and invited me to check it out. The children's program is amazing and there were so many more opportunities for us as a family. For a few weeks, we went to both churches (9am and 10:30am services). Finally, we decided that it was better for us to change churches. It was really hard and we still miss the old church feel, but overall, this was better for our family in terms of where we are right now. All that to say, I can understand why you might feel guilty. Also, wondering would you consider totally changing churches?

  2. If each church is part of the Body of Christ, than it is all part of the same Church. I don't think it is cheating.

  3. I would also wonder what is holding you to the church that is further away? Do you have family that attends, do you just feel guilty for "quitting" them? It sounds to me as if you are finding a better 'fit' at the new church and might consider totally moving to that one. If you don't want to totally 'quit' the further away one, then I wouldn't feel guilty about getting what you need from another church. Like the other commenter said, all churches are one body, just different branches.