Thursday, February 3, 2011

Because I Love You So Very Much

My previous post was talking about my family and what I think they need to do, but the sudden death of Crystal's father reminded me of things I need to do as well because like I said before we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.  One of those things is to tell my friends and family about my Jesus, my Savior.

I believe in heaven and hell.  I believe those who don't claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior will go to hell, so that is why I feel an urgency to share this with you.  Please know that I wouldn't share this with you unless I loved you!  I know a lot of Christians get slack because of their "holier than thou" attitude, I do not feel that I am that way - I am not sharing this with you to say you are wrong and I am right but to say that I believe with all my heart that we all need Jesus.

I was born a sinner and so were you.  You may think you are a good person because you do good things, but there are no good people on this planet.  We all fall short when it comes to God's commandments: we lie, we say God's name in vain, we covet things that other's have, we don't honor our parents, etc  Our God is a just God and so there has to be a price paid for our sins - in the old testament days they used to blood of a blemish free lamb, thankfully we don't have to do that now.  I would not be able to pay enough to cover my sins.  My amazing God sent his only son Jesus to earth to live a perfect life and to be crucified as a sacrifice for my sins and for yours. 

We all need Jesus!  I needed Him more than I thought.  (Read my testimony here), (or here)  The Bible says that if you:
1) Accept the fact that you are a sinner, that you do wrong, and repent of your sins
2) Believe that Jesus was God's son sent to save us AND
3) Confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Savior
You will be saved! 

Be warned!  If you follow these steps, your life will be changed forever!  Things won't necessarily be easier (they may even be harder), but you'll have more peace than you've ever known, you'll always have someone to talk to, and the love God has always had for you (because you're HIS) will be more evident in your life.  You will see things very differently because your blinders will be off and you won't be living in darkness anymore  and because you will be living for Christ instead of for yourself.  We were created to worship and praise God - to live for Him!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

We are not guaranteed tomorrow! 

 I know this in my head because I've read it in the Bible before, but sometimes it takes action before you realize something is true.   Recently, my brother's girlfriend's father passed away.  It was sudden and not expected, so it took everybody by surprise.  I didn't know the man, but I know Crystal and she is such a sweet person.  Her family is still grieving and dealing with the loss. 

This news hit me hard because I thought "What if that were my dad?"  My father and my 2 younger siblings do not have much of a relationship - they hardly every talk.  I don't think anything specific has happened to cause the distance, but it is there.  The same is true for my husband and his mother.  They hardly ever talk either.  I just picture myself in any of their places and it brings tears to my eyes.  They probably follow each other on Facebook, but is that enough for them?  Is that the kind of relationship you should have with your children or your parents? 

I cannot imagine going days without talking to my daughter to find out how she is doing.  I know I am not in their position and I don't know all the hurt and circumstances behind the distance but I just ask them all to picture yourself in a position like Crystal and you suddenly lose the other - how will you feel?  Will you have regrets? Will you be sad?  Will there be something you wished you have said?