Monday, August 8, 2011

Tea Party

My mom started it, when we went to visit her in January, we had a tea party.  She really went all out.  It was a wonderful event with special teas and decorated cupcakes.

Then, on our visit in July, it happened again.  Another tea party, this one more fancy than the last. :)  We had name plates and honey sticks. 

When we got home, I wanted to have one with Lilly and her friends.  I wanted to make use of the tea set that our neighbor had given us after Lilly was born - I think she thought it was plastic, but it was porcelain.  Also, I wanted to practice manners and putting others before yourself.  So, today we had a tea party and Lilly invited one of her friends over.  Before her friend arrived, we talked about how we would offer everything to our guest first before taking anything for ourself. 

There were several things I need to do before my tea parties will match up to my mom's beautiful events - practice making the butter cream frosting for the cupcakes fluffy instead of soupy and getting a tea set that is actually functional instead of for show and lastly making name plates and other beautiful decorations.  All in all it was a great little party and I think the girls had a great time.

FYI - The cupcakes were a recipe my cousin taught us - you use a small package of instant pudding mix and make it like the directions say.  Then, add a box cake mix.  Stir and bake as the cake box says.  They turn out really moist and yummy!

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