Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friends or Angels?

Have you ever had that person that came into your life at just the right time?  Like maybe you were going through a crisis or just a hard time in your life and they came around at just the moment you needed them and gave you encouragement or help or whatever.  I have had many friendships like this, but the part that makes me sad is that usually it seems like the person falls out of your life afterwards.  There isn't an argument or something where there were hard feelings, but the friendship just ended.

I am pretty sure I have been that kind of friend in other people's lives.  We meet at just the moment where I'm able to help them out or encourage them or just be the listening ear they need. 

Wondering if God does this for a purpose, uses us as angels for people when they need it or puts angels in our lives for a time and then they move on to help others.

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  1. God is good and yes... He does provide someone we need just when we need them most... have you ever read "The Little Prince" ? Beautiful book... :) I think you'd love it!