Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ways I Have Hindered Her

I think I am a decent mom, I really try to do what is best for my daughter in each situation; however, I do think there are 3 ways I have hindered a little bit:

1 - I have narrowed her pallet by catering to her tastes.  All our meals consist of things I know she will eat.  My husband even says, "Why don't you make _____ anymore?" and I respond with, "because Lilly won't eat that."  When she was younger that was our biggest battle as parents - meal times.  I see now that she is very unwilling to try new things and she automatically gets it in her head that she doesn't like something even before trying it. 

2 - I do for her what she can do herself.  She knows how to dress herself, but a lot of times I end up dressing her just to get it done faster.  Because I do this so much, whenever I ask her to get dressed she always asks for help.

3 - I am sarcastic with her a lot!  Her dad and I are constantly teasing her, we will say things like, "You don't have to go to gymnastics today, we can go to the potato farm" - knowing full well that she loves gymnastics and hates potatoes.  It gets her upset and I know we shouldn't "exasperate our child," we really need to work on that.  The way I think this has hindered her is that she thinks we are joking all the time and doesn't really get the difference between my teasing her and my being serious with her.

There may be other ways, but I believe God is revealing these to me so that I can be more intentional about the way I am raising her.

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