Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Election Thoughts

1) I knew the person I voted for wasn't going to win, but in my heart of hearts I could not vote for either of the two top dogs on the ballot.

2)  I knew that we are only on this earth for a short time and the time that whoever is president is only for a tiny fraction of that.  "This too shall pass"

3)  I knew (and know) that God is in control and now that the decision has been made, my plan is to act like I know that by trusting that God has got this and by not complaining or being a burden to our president. 

4)  I learned that when it comes to government officials, I am more affected by those closer to home - mayor, school superintendent, etc. than I am by the president.  Sadly, I was too focused on who was running for president to really pay attention to any other office or items on the ballot.  My goal is to be more informed before the next election and to not leave most of my ballot empty.

5)  I learned that prayer for our country is needed by all Christians no matter who is in charge because the Bible tells us things are going to get worse not better, so let us be prepared.

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