Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Are Infertile

 Recently, I went to my family physician to get a check up and I told him it had been almost 4 years that we have been trying to have another child.  I was totally shocked by his response for 2 reasons. 
1)  I had never been told that before
2) He wasn't my ob/gyn, so (in my mind) he wasn't supposed to comment on stuff like that.

He told me I was infertile and that I should talk with my ob/gyn about it. 

Umm..thank you very much.  I think I have kind of known this for a while, but I just had not had it said to me outright before.  Plus, I was hoping that there would be a reason for the infertility - to me that would make it easier to hear the news.

In some ways, this was relieving for me to hear.  It has helped me close the door to that desire of naturally having another child.  I know there are other options I could persue - drugs, procedures, etc but I don't believe that is the path God wants for my family.  Don't get me wrong - I totally believe and know that God is quite capable of opening that door at anytime, but I think he has used my doctor and his comment to nudge us to where He wants us to be - on the road to adoption. 

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  1. As you have said, God can open that door at any time. The word "infertile" just means "not fertile", which it sounds like you have known...maybe just not why. I will pray for you as you consider all the agencies for adoption and as He leads you to be the "forever family" for one of His orphans.