Monday, June 14, 2010

Marriage Challenge Week 3

June 21 - Remember Your Vows - post pictures of your wedding day. We will review the sacredness of this day.

Our wedding was a fun and family-filled day, but I'm not sure how sacred it was. Being married didn't change much about our relationship except our last name because we were already living together and we continued to keep our own bank accounts, friends, schedules, etc. We didn't have our wedding in a church, but outside in a gazebo in Charleston, SC. One of my favorite ministers married us which was awesome. We had lots of family and friends there and they all seemed to have a good time - it was like a big family reunion.

What our marriage does show is the awesomeness of God because although we may not have been true Christians at the time of our wedding or even for the first 5 years of our marriage - God didn't allow us to separate. HE kept us together until we got to Japan where we found out what it meant to have a relationship with OUR KING! My oh my how our marriage has strengthened since then. I can't even begin to explain - I know many people laugh when you say you submit to your husband, but honestly it is the best thing you can do. I guess that is why God tells us to do it. :) Funny how God knows more than us.

*I don't know have any pictures on this computer of our wedding - sorry.


  1. Great story. I was a Christian, but hadn't been in church for a while and Mike wasn't a Christian (not for another 10 years!) but our marriage has always been incredible strong. God is so good (and patient!)

  2. Teaching in Japan, wow! Very cool!

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    Homemaker Honey

  3. very cool how God brought you together and kept you together before you were even committed to Him! shows how He is in control and can plan our lives out way better than we can :) thanks for sharing!