Friday, March 19, 2010


I have realized this past year that I do not fully call the place I live HOME until I have friends there. The definition of friend is this - one attached to another by affection or esteem. When I sit and think about it, I can name every person who has been that friend to me and I am still in contact with all of them today.

1st - my sister Susie and my 2 cousins Laura and DeeDee
Throughout middle school - Tara and Julie
High School - Julie, Janet, and Daniel
College - Laurie, Melanie, Dawn, Shannon K.
Charleston after college - Susie, Faith, and Mark*
Jacksonville - Mark, Natalie, Shannon T
Misawa - Mark, Janice, Heidi L., and Rose
Houston - Mark, Heidi W., Karie, Yajaira

*I met Mark after graduating college and he has been by my side since then, but I can honestly say that we didn't truly become friends until we got to Misawa and started having a relationship with Christ.

Each person that I have listed probably has no idea how much they have impacted my life. In many cases (especially in my adult years) I was miserable and depressed before I met them and I honestly think God sent each of them into my life at just the perfect time and for a specific purpose too. I have learned so much from each of them - how to be a friend, how to love, how to pray, how to be a better wife to Mark, how to look at the world w/ different eyes, and much more. I started to put memories of each of them in this blog but realized that that would be a really long entry and it would take forever, so I'll just say that I have many fond memories of each of my friends. Thank you to each of them!

One thing that God has taught me through this realization is that I need to let HIM be the one that completes me and let HIM be the one who helps me call a place home. As great as all these friends are, I can't take them with me when I move and sometimes friends do let you down but HE will go with me wherever I go and HE will never let me down.


  1. Thanks Emily! You are my "friend" too and have always been an important part of my life. Love you! Wish we were able to see each other more often.

    I like your blog! :)

  2. You have a very special place in my heart too!! Your one of those friends that will always matter how far!