Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't say what comes after "but..."

I know this is a random topic; however, as I was taking a nap this afternoon these thoughts started running through my head.

My conclusion was that usually "but" is a bad word. People (especially kids) don't want to hear what comes after "but" in a conversation..

You can have ice cream, but you have to eat all your dinner first.
I do love you, but I don't like they way you did ______.
We can go on the swings, but we have to leave after that.

What I am saying is that usually whatever follows the but negates the first statement. I remember in Misawa, one of my teacher friends said something to this effect but I never got it until now. Weird how some things hit you.

My thoughts lately have been this..
I do love you, Lord, but I don't have time to read my Bible right now.
I know I should pray, but I'll just wait until Lilly takes a nap.
There is church tonight, but I don't feel like going.

I know I am slacking and I truly want to get back to where I was 2006 when I was brought to my knees and knew I needed Jesus to be Lord over my life. I want to take the "buts" out of my life and just do what I know I need to do. I keep praying for that and I'm asking that you pray with me too. Help to have that passion and strong desire back. Thanks!

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