Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering...

It has been 7 months since we started the adoption process.  In my head we should be finished by now but there have been a few bumps in the road, and I know that it is just God's way of directing us to his time table and not our own. 

Back in May, my husband came home from his work trip and told me that the company was restructuring and they were letting lots of people go.  He thought they might have a position for him after they were finished moving people around but it turned out they did not.  He got severance pay so that was definitely helpful in covering out bills, but we knew they would not put a child in our home without either of us having a job. 

The agency that we are working with - DePelchin Children's Center - stated in some of their paperwork that if you had a "life change" you would have to wait a year before going through the process.  We really didn't want to start all over being this close to home study, so we sent an e-mail.  We told them we were confident in Mark getting another job soon and that we wanted to continue with the process as much as possible.  They said ok - yeah!

Praise God, Mark does have a new job now.  He will have to work a lot of hours during the training process but what a blessing that he will be home every evening.  I think this will be a great thing when it comes to adopting a child and of course, for our own sweet Lilly. 

So now, we are ready to go to home study to be "reviewed." Please pray that they find us fit to adopt and that our house will not need too many repairs in order to meet their qualifications. 

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