Monday, February 1, 2010

The Switcheroo with Blessings

Like I said in an earlier post, our plan for moving to Houston was for Mark to get a part time job for a few months. When the school year started up, I was going to teach, Mark was going to go to school, and Lilly would be put in daycare.

Well, once we moved into our house, it was time for Mark to start looking for a job. In his searches, he wasn't able to find a part time job that would pay enough to cover our bills. Also, at this point, I began to wonder where and how I was going to leave Lilly at home when it was time for me to go back to work.

Mark kept getting calls from places that wanted him to interview for full time career jobs. He is such an awesome husband that he decided to give up his dreams of going to UTI and opening his own performance shop and change our plan to God's plan. He went to several career fairs and each time came home excited about the possibilities of a certain job. Each time I would get prepared for the possible job where he would have to travel or be away from home a good amount of time. I would ask God how I was going make it on my own when Mark was away. I didn't have any friends or family in the area and I was a new mom. Well, the jobs wouldn't pan out and Mark would get disappointed. I would get a little stressed because we were running short on money, but then I would remember that God's plans for us were not to harm us, HE was going to provide for us (we had just experienced that) and that HE would only give us as much as we could handle with HIM walking beside us every step of the way.

Like I said, we were running out of money and Mark and I were wondering how we were going to pay our bills and thinking we may have to move in with one of our parents because this plan just wasn't working out. God blessed us in an amazing way - we recevied two gifts of $500 each, which ended up being exactly enough to cover the bills at that time. God you are so good!

After several months of searching and yes, stressing, God provided Mark with a job (I know, all in God's perfect timing). His position at Transocean was definately a blessing. This position was one where he would not have to travel for weeks at a time, so it allowed him to be home in the evenings with Lilly and I. Extra blessings with this job: Mark got paid enough that I would be able to stay home with Lilly and not have to put her in child care.

Moral of this story: God knows what is BEST always!

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  1. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one that starts stressing out! It makes me feel like my faith is weak many times, but I just get freaked out about things sometimes.

    The surprise that you delivered with my package today was definitely an answer to prayer, and as I was thanking God for that, Satan found another barrier to throw in my path.