Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Renewed" Spark

Recently, my husband went away on a business trip.  He was gone for 2 weeks, but I'm fairly used to him being gone for a time because since he has started working for his current company (almost 2 years ago) he has been on several trips.  Before this position, he was in the USNavy and was deployed for months at a time, so like I said I am used to it being part of our life.  However, usually, when he is gone it takes me several days to get used to sleeping by myself in the bed and up to a week to get used to a routine w/o him home.  This time while he was gone I was so at peace - I didn't have any trouble sleeping and things just seemed to fall into place.  I started to feel bad about it because I thought "how awful that I am doing so well w/o my husband."  Don't be mistaken because I did miss him, but things were not how they usually are when he is away - it was weird. 

Usually when my husband comes home from a deployment or business trip, I can't wait to pick him up because I am happy that he'll be here to help me - to watch our daughter and give me a break or to do whatever I feel stressed about at the time.  But, when my husband came home from this trip, I had butterflies in my stomach.  I was so excited to see him, kiss him and just to be near him!  I wasn't thinking about all the things I wanted him to do, I was just excited he was home.  It reminded me of the feelings I had when we were dating. 

So, I thank God that HE gave me that peace while Mark was away and that HE allowed me to have this wonderful renewed spark of passion for my husband when he returned.  I continue to pray that God would show me ways to keep that spark alive in our marriage, and HE has already made me aware of my husband's love languages so I need to make a conscious effort to show him love in the way he receives it best.


  1. Ahhh - this is so wonderful! God is so good to us. I am hailing you from Croatia and am following you from GMGs.

  2. So wonderful... I miss the spark of pre-marriage days, too, and every time it comes back, which it does from time to time, I savour it!! :)