Monday, July 12, 2010


Last year, my husband and I joined a gym. We started going together, but then the child care at night was a little too hectic for our daughter at the time and so I began to go in the morning when there weren't so many kids. As time has passed, my husband started working out with a group of guys at work and so he no longer goes to the gym. I have started taking the turbo kickboxing classes at the gym and I love them - except for one thing - the music. I love the work out and that there is an instructor to encourage you and tell you exactly what to do. I need the class because I don't do well just going to the gym and trying to figure out what do to on my own. But, the music, it isn't Christian music and it gets stuck in my head all the time - I don't like ungodly stuff going into my head, I know we live in the world so that is going to happen but I feel like this is an area that I can control.

When I was praying yesterday, I had a revelation that I shouldn't be going to the turbo class anymore. So, I thought maybe I'll just not renew my membership and use the $ to buy a video that I can do at home - something from the Christian bookstore. I told my husband about this and he said, "you won't stick with it." He is probably right, but I don't know what my other options are - it is important to me and my husband that I stay in shape and keep working out so what do I do?

I will continue praying about this but any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Totally understand about the music! I was in the Air Force and had the same problem. I think if you had someone to check in on your progress you would have more motivation to do it at home - my husband and I started P90X at the same time and kept each other on track (before I got pregnant with our new son). I would ask a friend or family member if they would be willing to check in on you or if someone is already working out, to compare progress on a regular basis.

  2. Oh, emily...I totally understand! A good friend of ours in Florida used to tell us, "Beware, guys...garbage in, garbage out." We have quit watching many tv shows and listening to certain radio stations on that very principle.

    I think you are in a really sticky place with this one, though, because I know how much you enjoy the class...and that enjoyment is not based on anything un-Christian. And, if you're like me, being physically 'on' puts your entire mind and body into a better place. I feel so much better prepared to get into the Word or pray well when I've got a check in the "taken care of the body You gave me" box for the day. Sooooo, suggestions...hmmm??

    Can you talk to the teacher, or would that be useless bc so many others are enjoying the music? Worth a try?? Is there a different class that would give you the same mind/exercise benefit but that uses, say, songs without words. I've been to several step and yoga classes that don't use music with words. Or, assuming you're not Spanish speaking, you could always pick up Zumba...that way, the garbage may be going in, but it's in Spanish so you probably won't accurately be able to remember the lyrics anyway. (please be laughing at the last one and not writing me off of your friends list!).

    I'd love to brainstorm on this issue with you sometime. It is such an interesting/worthwhile question to me...

  3. Hello! I'm participating in the Completing Him Challenge, too! May God bless your marriage as you share your list with your husband.

    For His Name's Sake,
    Homemaker Honey

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  4. Hmmm, I'm right there. I work out at home and it's much more challenging than going to the gym; you have to be SELF motivated. But hundreds of women are doing it! In fact, I'm one of them. I've lost 65 lbs in the last year, gained about 20 back, and now have 90 more to lose. So, yes, there are ups and downs and life intrudes more easily, but my MIND is PURE and that is worth more. Instead of listening to -and affirming- that you won't/can't do it ... began to affirm that you CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you and that if God has inspired you to stay healthy and you have the right reasons, you WILL do it!

  5. Hi Emily,

    (I'm new!) - you are quite right, the music does get stuck in our heads and I find myself humming to them hours later. I was a beach side town last week and walked past a children's fair with an assortment of rides. That part was OK - but my brother and I started to listen to the music (in fact we couldn't miss it, as it was so loud) and it was completely inappropriate for children - the words were completely adult focused and not something I would want small children to listen to.

    We didn't hang around long.

    May you find the motivation through prayer to exercise at home.

  6. I work out at home, with a stability ball + dvd, free weights + youtube and also some cardio on dvd. It's become such a part of my routine, I just do it without thinking about it. I've lost 53lbs since January.

    If you need to go to the gym, and some people do need it, you can always get the trainer there (usually you get a free session or two) to build a workout you can write down and do on your own there - with your own music on your headphones. :D

  7. Emily,
    If your really motivated about doing this class to keep yourself healthy for Mark and Lily and most of all yourself then I would say stick to the class and keep giving it your all and if you don't like the music that your hearing on the radio get your own music (on your ipod or mp3 or just an old fashioned head set). Your a strong willed person and I know that you can stick to something if you just change up a few things that your not quite happy with.
    Best of Luck.
    Tell Mark and Lily i said hello and give them my love.
    Love and miss you...